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To be able to serve you better during the webinar, drop me an email letting me know:

  • What, specifically, would you like to learn from this webinar?
  • What two or three things are you most struggling with?
  • Please share one question you are hoping to have answered in the webinar.

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Daniel Mutuku

Partner Relations, Qazily

BSC, PGCEi, University Of Nottingham (UK)

Tel: 0732 209 795 | Email: admin@qazily.com
Maendeleo House Opp Anniversary Towers 3rd Floor Rm 6, Nairobi.

    • Peter Kimani Wamuigai
      May 10, 2022 15:23 pm Reply

      Hello Daniel.
      Thank you for inviting me to this webinar. I’m grateful and would wish you to answer the following questions during the webinar.
      1. Who is the right candidate? And exactly what should a recruiter look at?Papers?Experience?Or both/
      2. Most candidates have degrees but it seems those with Diplomas/Certificates with some experience do better than them.
      3. What qualities should we look at as recruiters when hiring to get the right candidate for the job?

      Thank you.

    • Naomi Shimba
      May 11, 2022 04:40 am Reply

      To get new insight on how to recruit the right candidates, and determine that are the right one

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