How to post a job for FREE on Qazily


Qazily is a revolutionary recruitment application that helps employers, recruiters and organizations get the top talent and perfect candidates. You can post jobs for FREE. In this article, you will learn how to post a job for free on Qazily in 3 simple steps

  1. Create an employer account
  2. Posting a job
  3. Shortlist Candidates

1. Creating an employer account

Employers will sign up on the Qazily by entering the information requested in the sign-up form. After Sign Up employer will be able to Login to Qazily site.

  1. Enter Username
  2. Enter Your Email
  3. Enter Organisation’s Name
  4. Select Specification
  5. Add Phone Number
  6. Configure Capctha

post a job for free

Manage Company Profile

Your Company’s profile defines your business, products, services, and job opportunities. So it’s important for your company profile to be set up properly.

Figure out how you can set up your company profile to drive ambitious candidates to your profile.

  1. Add Company Information (Logo, Cover, Name, Specialisms etc.)
  2. Add Social Network Links (Facebook, twitter, Linked in, Google+)
  3. Enter Contact Information (Phone , Website, Location)
  4. Add Extra Information i-e Business type, Team size, Est. Since


2. Post a job for free

Qazily comes with the marvellous feature where employers (recruiters) can post jobs. Follow the following steps to post a new job for FREE on Qazily:

Follow steps to configure fields as:

  1. Enter Job Title, description, Email Address and Username
  2. Select Job Type (Freelance, Full time, internship, part-time, temporary, volunteer)
  3. Select Specialism (Accountancy, Banking etc.)
  4. Select Offered Salary Range – Optional
  5. Determine Career Level (Manager, Officer, Executive etc.)
  6. Select Experience, Industry, Qualification as per job specifications.
  7. Enter Location (Country, City, Complete Address) for job’s location

3. Shortlist Candidates

  1. To shortlist candidate, visit Candidates listing and click Shortlist Button to get them shortlisted.
  2. After Shortlisting Employer can access candidate (Cover letter, Download cv, Linked in profile, Send message and can view profile)


Shortlist Candidate


    • dunia
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      I would like to be a family member from the NJO as a math teacher

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      Luck try

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      Interesting program

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      Looking forward to the webinar

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      Am really grateful to get this free information. I understand your all concerns.
      I hope you can consider me as one of your kind staff.
      Thank you very much in advance.
      I hope you organization not mind by taking me as one of your staff I will be grateful and happy then all .
      I wish myself success in your organisation
      Best wishes Salah Eliaba Sign

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      Seeking job

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