How to Shortlist Candidates on Qazily


Employers can shortlist potential candidates from the applicants.

To do so, navigate to the manage jobs tab from the front-end dashboard as shown in the following screenshot. In this section, the employer can click on the application link.

Change that application status to shortlisted.

You can also change the status of the applicant to

  • In progress
  • Shortlisted
  • Contacted
  • Rejected
  • Interview Schedule
  • Selected
  • Hired

Take the following actions on the shortlisted candidate’s resumes in one place. In this section, as shown in the following screenshot, employers can view the following options from candidates’ resumes.

In “RESUMES” section employer can:

  • See candidate’s cover letter.
  • Download candidate’s cv.
  • Visit his Linked In profile.
  • Send him message
  • See candidate’s profile.

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